Flashing Lights | Spike Strips, Traffic Cones, Ladders, Axe

Hello all,

I am delighted to announce that the October content update is now live for Flashing Lights! As promised, this update brings spike strips, traffic cones, ladders and an axe to the game, along with a bunch of new callouts.

Spike Strips

We've added spike strips for the Police Department, which are especially useful during car chases and encounters with dangerous drivers. Access them from the police car trunk and lay them down in the path of a suspect's car to blow their tires and slow them down.

Traffic Cones

All departments are now able to access traffic cones, which are vital for use during some callouts. They will help to clear a path and keep civilian traffic out of the way while you attend to incidents such as accidents.


The Fire Department now have access to portable ladders. These can be accessed from the fire engine's storage department and need to be used in a number of new callouts, such as the cat in a tree rescue and some new building fires.

Axe and Chainsaw

The axe and the chainsaw are now available for the Fire Department, which can be used to cut down trees. 

New Callouts

Today's update delivers numerous new callouts for the Fire Department, such as removing tree trunks blocking roads, rescuing cats from trees, and some new building fire incidents which require the use of the ladder to reach.

Note: The defibrillator was originally announced for release in October, but this has been delayed to the November update. We apologise for this.

Patch Notes

New Content

- New callouts added for the Fire Department regarding trees blocking roads.
- Cat in a tree callouts added for Fire Department.
- Building fire callouts added for Fire Department which require climbing the ladder to reach.
- Axe added for Fire Department. Open the fire engine's storage department to access.
- Chainsaw added for Fire Department. Open the fire engine's storage department to access.
- You are now able to cut trees with the axe and chainsaw.
- Portable ladders added for Fire Department. Especially useful for rescuing cats from trees.
- Traffic cones added for all departments
- Spike strips added for Police Department - these work only on NPC vehicles only for now.
- Added the ability to perform an alcohol test on pedestrians.
- Pressing the W key after getting into a car now also triggers the ignition.
- Loading screen and department select screen updated with new background images.

There are also a bunch of bug fixes and small alterations in this update. Make sure to join the official Flashing Lights Discord, where you can find the full list of bug fixes in the #announcements section.

The Flashing Lights Team

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